Do you want to know how we took the photo where Miky jumps the Mustang with his skateboard?

As you know in 2019 Boardstyle has changed location, from Limbiate we moved to Senago, in addition to the move etc.. of course there was to make the new inauguration of the shop, and there would be of course to make the Flyer of the event, and what to do to amaze everyone with Flyer from screaming?

I think and think again and I am reminded of Back to the Future ( Weird ), What could be more iconic in the skateboarding world than a guy jumping a car? And what if this car was the Mustang of Boardstyle while jumping?

I put my idea together more concretely and I call Michele Bianchini ( he Olla really high with the Jump ) I call him and say: "Miky do you want to take a picture of you jumping my Mustang with a Graw Jump?"  Miky says to me. "azz Maik I don't know if I can jump it we have to rehearse, anyway ok by me I'm in".

Ok, Miky is there, now we need a photographer to immortalise the event, and we need a photographer with the right skills who knows how to take pictures of skaters and not only, luckily I know the photographer who can take this challenging shot, I call Luca Tenaglia (Noid). Luca, well gassed up, tells me "I'm there", I've known Noid for a long time and I was sure he would be gassed!

Ok, we have everything, Car, Skaters and Photographer, we meet in a car park of Paderno Dugnano station before sunset, I bring the Mustang and the Graw Jump lent by Fabio of Pinbowl Skatepark, Miky brings his Skate and Noid all his photographic equipment (tripods, external flashes, lenses, etc.).

We start to position the Jump at the back left of the Mustang, the Jump slightly further away from the car to start to understand the distances, and to understand if the thrust and if indeed Miky can manage to Ollarsi the Mustang.... Miky makes a couple of attempts ( you can find the first attempt on video right here on the page ) and after a few tries Miky manages to work out that he more or less has both the height and the width to pass it.

We reposition the Jump, this time on the front left side of the Mustang slightly after the end of the windscreen in front of the bonnet.

Miky takes a run-up, tries to wing it and bang!!! the board falls on the bonnet making a little gibollo, Miky apologises and I say, "don't worry Miky the Mustang is Boardstyle's car and every time I look at that gibollo I'll know why it was done!"

Giddy Miky resumes his position and tries again to ollie the spot, this time he manages to jump it perfectly ( you can find the video of this ollie here on the page ).

OK the photo can be taken!

Noid is ready, he places the phone on the ground in video mode, sets up the tripods with the flashes, and I climb into the Mustang and start the engine.Miky positions himself ready for the thrust, Noid places himself in the right position with the camera, everything is ready, the Mustang begins to roar, and I start to do a Bornout from a standstill holding the brake and making incredible smoke and noise!

Miky takes the run-up and jumps the car perfectly again, landing perfectly. Click the photo is done, everything looks ok but unfortunately Miky's foot in the photo is slightly off the board, the trick is closed well but the frame doesn't convince Noid. ( you can find the video of this attempt here on the page ).

At this point we absolutely have to get the final photo before someone calls the police, you know the Mustang as it goes Bornout the noise it makes? OK, we all get into our positions again, I get in the car, Miky gets ready on the run-up point, Noid is ready with the camera, the go is when the smoke from the wheels is giant! I start the engine, begin to make another Bornout and between the smoke and the noise Miky arrives without fear and Olla still on top of the Mustang, Noid snaps and there it is!!! The photo is perfect!!!

The coolest shot in the History of Boardstyle is done!!!

Thanks again Michele Bianchini, Luca tenaglia for the wonderful gift you gave me, making the photo that still hangs here in the shop, thanks ???? 

Photo by Noid, Skaters Michele Bianchini

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