POWELL PERALTA Pro Andy Anderson...

POWELL PERALTA Pro Andy Anderson Heron Flight® 8,45" x 31,8" Shape: 290

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MARCA: Powell Peralta.
MODELLO: Andy Anderson Flight. 
Deck Shape: 290
Deck Construction: FLIGHT™
Deck Concave: K20.
Deck Wheelbase: 14.25"" pollici.
Deck Length: 31.8" pollici.
Deck Width: 8.45".
Deck Nose: 6.68".
Deck Tail: 6.68"

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Powell Peralta set out to research ways to improve the strength and performance of skateboard decks. The Powell Peralta Flight™ deck is a superior board with enhanced performance.

Built in a new production area located directly at Powell’s headquarters in Santa Barbara, California, the Flight™ deck's construction is stronger, thinner, and lighter than a classic 7-ply Canadian maple deck. 

Using this board, you'll begin to realize that you can do things you couldn't with a normal 7-ply. Flight™ decks allow you to push your limits further, enabling higher ollies, faster flips, and easier tricks. Additionally, Flight™ decks never snap in two like a regular 7-ply. 

The Flight™ deck is:
- Thinner - as thin as your smartphone
- Lighter than a similar 7-ply Canadian maple deck
- Stronger - twice as strong in tail break tests
- More durable - infused epoxy resin and reinforced fiber structure make it extremely break-resistant
- Capable of higher ollies due to its increased resilience

From our test teams, Flight™ decks last much longer compared to normal 7-ply maple decks. They are made from maple, high-strength fiberglass, and AirLam fused with epoxy resin, and they are guaranteed against delamination for their entire life. 

The graphics are created in-house using water-based inks and paints, free of solvents, to keep our world cleaner.

Larghezza Tavola
8.45" Pollici
Lunghezza tavola
31,8" Pollici
Wheel base
14,25" Pollici
Costruzione Tavola
Flight® Acero + Vetroresina + AirLam + Resina Epossidica
Età di utilizzo ideale:
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Powell Peralta Skateboard, the brand always among the top for almost 40 years, with its pros Bones Brigade Caballero, Tony Hawk, Mc Gill, Mullen, Guerrero, Lance Muntain, by the way the first sponsor of the legendary Bucky Lasek with his Powell Peralta stadium board, iconic sponsor of our Italian friend Giorgio Zattoni with the Gattoni crusade promodel by Powell Peralta, now he has in the team also Andy Anderson iconic Canadian guy who always skews with the helmet and with his Powell Peralta Fligh Andy Anderson 9 inch board.

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