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Maschera Snowboard OUT OF Open Spark...

Maschera Snowboard OUT OF Open Spark The one Gelo

Lente principale: The One Gelo 
Fotocromatica, polarizzata, specchiatura blu, trasparenza varia dal giallo al marrone S2/S3
Ideale per: Da soleggiato a tempo moderatamente brutto, giornate variabili Altre caratteristiche
Cambio lente rapidissimo (6 secondi)
Silicone con texture progressiva sull' interno del cinturino
Lente torica
Cinturino da 50mm
Costruzione Dual-Frame
Prodotto in Italia
Fitting ottimizzato
Compatibile con il casco
Borsina in microfibra inclusa per la protezione e la pulizia
Ventilazione perimetrale integrale
Protezione UV 100%
Campo visivo: 202° orizzontale, 5,62 Sterad solido
Foam: Anallergico tripla densità
Lente doppia antiappannamento: sì
Trattamento antiappannamento (standard 8 sec.): 77 sec.
Dimensioni: 178mm x 98mm x 80mm
Peso: 129g

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POLARIZED PHOTOCHROMIC LENSES THE ONE Out Of has always believed that it is important not only to have a lens with good optical definition, but also to always have a lens with the right shade for the weather conditions in which you find yourself at that precise moment: you can have it on I have the most defined lens in the world, but if it is dark and neutral in the fog you will never see anything, just as a clear lens will always be, at least, not very comfortable, if not dangerous for the eyes on a sunny day. This is why we have always been committed to developing goggles that offer the possibility of quickly and easily replacing the lens starting with Eyes already 5 years ago, which is why we are the brand that more than any other already supplies two different lenses on most of our goggles . Having the ability to change the goggle lens at any time is a big step forward, but there are still limitations, for example those who don't use a backpack might find it uncomfortable to keep a lens in their pocket, and deciding in the morning which lens to use is easy be wrong. The ultimate solution is therefore a lens that can automatically change its color and darkness based on light conditions to make riding comfortable in all conditions.

After years of testing, the goal was achieved with a special combination of photochromic pigments that change from yellow to black and a polarizing filter on the entire visible spectrum.

The result is a line of lenses with extraordinary properties that cannot be compared with ordinary lenses, a lens that automatically changes color and darkness continuously based on external conditions, always remaining polarized in each stage of colour.

In good weather conditions, the pigments in The One lenses are activated by decreasing the amount of light reaching the eyes, while the polarizing filter selectively blocks reflections from ice or water, allowing the shape of the snowy ground to be better distinguished.

In bad weather conditions, however, the yellow color of the non-activated pigments helps to improve the perception of the terrain, but it is the polarizing filter that allows you to eliminate part of the light reflected by the fog, thus creating contrasts on the terrain that the human eye would not able to get.

The lenses of the Out Of THE ONE line are therefore perfect in any weather condition, no more worries, if you use a THE ONE you have the right lens with you.

The THE ONE FUOCO, given its strong red mirroring, is less versatile than the NERO and the GELO, our advice if you are looking for a lens that is technically at its best, transcending aesthetic considerations is therefore to choose a NERO or a GELO. Although FUOCO is much more versatile than the other standard lenses on the market with the same mirroring, it does not reach the same levels of BLACK and FROST.

Lente Maschera Snowboard
Sgancio lente veloce
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