The order will be shipped as soon as the manufacturer delivers it to our store; we do not hold preorders for even a day unless you have ordered other pre-ordered items.

In the case of multiple purchases, the items you have ordered will be held for you until the release of the last item you have pre-ordered.

Release dates are subject to change; Boardstyle is never responsible for any delivery delays, as products are shipped as soon as they arrive in the store.

In extremely rare cases, it may happen that the manufacturer does not produce the pre-ordered product you have purchased; in this case, the order will be canceled, and you will be refunded the entire amount you spent.

Deliveries (except in some rare cases) never happen at the same time as in the United States. If you happen to see someone on social media already holding the skateboard you preordered, remember that:

Here we are in Italy, and shipments arrive by sea (slower to keep prices down). Usually, the release in Europe could be delayed by a couple of months compared to the actual release in the USA; the ship arrives first in Spain, so you might find the decks there before they arrive in Italy. But don't worry because they will still reach us 100%.

All the decks we ship are sent with great care; however, it may happen that the shrink wrap arrives broken after the long journey. We do not consider returns valid for broken shrink wrap; remember that they remain skateboards regardless.

Refunds for preorders are processed exactly like other sales, only within 14 days of payment.

Delivery delays are not a reason for refunds!!!

By purchasing a preorder with us, you commit us to purchasing the product; we always keep our commitments, so please do the same.

In case of a refund, we will retain €10 for the expenses incurred with electronic payment (PayPal or credit card).

By placing a preorder with us, you accept unequivocally our policy on pre-orders with everything written on this page.

All the products available on our website are also truly available at our physical store
Boardstyle, in Senago (MI), at Piazza Tricolore 18/a."

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