Warranty Skateboard and all its parts. ( Also valid for SurfSkate and Longboard )

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First of all, it is best to specify that skateboarding is fun, and the more the fun goes up, the more your skateboard cannot be treated with white gloves.

The Skateboards we sell are the best Skateboards you can find around, they are sturdy and durable, however, this does not mean they are totally indestructible.

One piece of advice I want to give you is, if you want your skateboard to look new all the time, you better not use it.

Remember that as soon as you use your new Skateboard you will start to see the first scratches and it will start to wear out.

Boardstyle guarantees that the products are free of defects in materials and workmanship. The Skateboard is a high-impact sports tool, so the warranty is very limited, but let's go over in which case you can make use of the warranty.


The warranty applies only to manufacturing defects. Major causes that are not related to manufacturing defect include:

Nose and tail damage from impact-we know what happens when a skateboard hits a curb.

Truck damage such as scratches or bends from impact.
Bumps and small chips from impact on the board.
Broken or cracked boards due to impact are not under warranty. Stepping off the curb or jumping can break your skateboard.
There is no warranty for intentional breakage.
But now let's look at the detail and warranty for the various components that make up a Skateboard.
( the warranty conditions are the same for Longboard, Surfskate or cruiser boards of any size and price ).
Warranty on Skateboards:
Covered by warranty:

Noticeable delamination or peeling after a few hours of use.
Not covered by warranty:

Stress cracks, water damage, user error in assembly, improper maintenance, normal wear and tear from use.
Warranty on Trucks ( carts ):
Covered by warranty:

Manufacturer's defect in materials or workmanship ( from new unused )
Bending of axel ( from new unused )
Slippage of axel ( from new not used )
Melting anomaly ( from new not used )
Deformation anomaly of axel ( from new not used )
Not covered by warranty:
Normal Wear from improper use, assembly or maintenance.
Axle stripping or damage from improper use or failure to use bearing spacers and axle washers.
Wheel Warranty

Covered under warranty:

Wheels have a manufacturing defect in materials or workmanship, warn us immediately without using them, unfortunately even using them once our suppliers are unlikely to pass the wheel under warranty because it will be worn even from one use.
Not covered under warranty:

They crumble flatten out during Slides or Slides, wear out from normal wear and tear.
Bearing Warranty:

Covered by warranty:
Manufacturer's defect in materials or workmanship, ( from unused )
Failure of the cage, balls or spokes of the ball bearing.
Report immediately that the product is defective, of course not to be used.
Damage to Bearings not covered by warranty:
Failure due to improper maintenance or cleaning.
Bent shields or failure due to improper installation or tool damage, water damage, or rust.


The warranty is void if unauthorized modifications are made to any part of the equipment.
The warranty is valid only from the date of original purchase.
The original purchase receipt must accompany all warranty claims.
Warranty claims will be processed first and if the warranty is valid, a return authorization will be issued.
Do not ship anything to Boardstyle.co.uk without a return authorization.

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