Monster Energy Drink ® our Partner since 2018

Dedicating a page of our blog to Monster Energy Drink® is the least I can do, as Monster Energy Drink® has been sponsoring Boardstyle with its products since 2018.

The company punctually has its energy drink delivered to our shop, to be given as a gift to all our customers, friends and riders sponsored by Boardstyle.

Thanks to the wide variety of Monster Energy® flavours, at Boardstyle you will be able to find and taste both the classic Monster Energy flavours and also some flavours that Monster® provides us with for the first time even before they go on sale on the market.

For example, one of the latest flavours "MONSTER ENERGY NITRO®" has just arrived in our store with the latest supply. If you come to Boardstyle in the next few days (before it runs out, of course) you can taste it for the first time.

I won't deny that I'm really honoured by this partnership with Monster Energy® and I'm proud of it, what else can I tell you?

What are you still doing there?

Stop by Boardstyle in Senago at Piazza Tricolore 18/a to quench your thirst with a fresh and delicious Monster Energy®!

A special thanks goes to Stefano and Ricky from Monster Energy® Italia for all the support they give to Boardstyle since 2018.

The new Monster Energy load just arrived in the shop

Piazza Tricolore Skaters with the Monster Energy Pick Up in front of the Boardstyle shop.

The Monster Energy van has just arrived to supply us with Energy Drink

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