Saturday 8 July 2023 opening of Senago Skatepark and free Skateboard lessons by SkateZone ASD

Skauola di Skateboard Skatezone ASD

On Saturday 8 July there was the inauguration of the Senago Skatepark organized by the municipality of Senago (MI).

All the members of SkateZone ASD were present at the event, Andrea (Cico) and I held Skateboard lessons in the morning from 9.30 am until 12.30 pm, and all the children here registered via the website of the municipality of Senago at the open day Skateboard .

While Andrea and I were doing the Skate lessons, our official photographer Giuseppe (Bex ) took some photos of us and all the participants.

At 3 p.m. there was the official ribbon-cutting ceremony, the Mayor of Senago and the entire municipal council were present at the event. During the ribbon-cutting ceremony, our Mayor, Magda Beretta, thanked our sports club several times for helping the municipality of Senago to participate in the Lombardy Region's outdoor tender in 2021, a tender that the municipality of Senago won and which helped to build the Skatepark (€130,000 were donated by the Lombardy Region and €30,000 by the municipality of Senago).

As already mentioned several times, the Senago skatepark is an Inclusive Skatepark and allows those in wheelchairs to access the facilities in an easier way, on the day of the inauguration the WCMX rider David Galvez Condor came to visit us, from Milan, David with his wheelchair, showed everyone how the structures of our Skatepark are perfect for those who practice WVMX like him, dropping from the quarter and carving into the bowl, David really left everyone speechless and managed to demonstrate his tenacity and his skills. David is 20 years old and has been playing WVMX for 8 years.

The inauguration continued with a demonstration of Longboard Dancing by Emanuele Moro, Senaghese rider and Italian Dancing Longboard champion, with him and together with other Skatezone ASD riders we arrived late in the evening Skating to the sound of music and tricks.

A special thanks to all the guys at SkateZone ASD for helping to organize this first Skateboard event in the Senago Skatepark. Stay tuned because soon also with Boardstyle we will organize an event inside the Senago Skatepark.

Article by MaikP, photos by Matteo Coddari & Giuseppe Grasso "Bex".

David sopra il terrazzino pronto a Droppare
SkateZone ASD al completo
David durante l'intervista
David in azione nella bowl di Senago Skatepark
Emanuele " Lele " Moro, durante la dimostrazione di Longboard Dancing
Cico e David che modificano l'assetto delle ruote della Carrozzina
Fiora alle prese con le iscrizioni della scuola di Skateboard
Andrea " Cico " durante le lezioni di Skateboard, prova di equilibrio sulla Balance Board SkateZone
MaikP alle prese con i ragazzi più esperti delle lezioni di Skateboard

From the newspaper "Il Cittadino di MB"

Articolo del Cittadino di Monza Brianza Inaugurazione Skatepark Senago

On the day of the inauguration there were many journalists, below I leave you an article with a video interview with our friends of SkateZone taken from the website of the newspaper "Il Cittadino di Monza Brianza"

Click here to see the article and the video interview

From the site " Prima Milano Ovest "

Articolo prima milano ovest inaugurazione Skatepark Senago

Here instead an interesting article with video interview with the Mayor of Senago, Magda Beretta, made by the newspaper Prima Milano Ovest

Click here to see the article by Prima Milano Ovest

More news from the Boardstyle Blog

Official opening Skatepark Senago

Official opening Skatepark Senago

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