Senago Skatepark (MI) Italy

Work started on the Skatepark, 182 days to build it!

A big step for everyone, finally the work on the construction of the Skatepark has begun. Here you can see the picture of the work contract sign that is attached outside the fence in the skatepark area, the work started more or less the first week of November, according to what is written in the sign the company takes 182 days to complete the work on the skatepark. Doing a quick calculation, let's say that we will more or less Skeit the park by April 2023 at the latest, let's say by spring 2023 the park will be finished.

The Senago Skatepark

We are overjoyed because the municipality of Senago took part in and won the Outdoor 2021 call for tenders for the redevelopment of spaces for young people, a call promoted by the Lombardy Region with decree 9989 of 21 July 2021. Having won this announcement, Senago will be able to build a totally new concrete skatepark. At last my dream has come true (to have a Skatepark close to home).

Now I would like to explain in broad outline the project with which the municipality of Senago and the Skate-Zone ASD sports association took part in the tender.

The area identified is the asphalt rectangle of about 1,000 square metres (40 x 25 metres) located within the green area in Senago at the corner of Via Buozzi and Via Dell'Alpino; the former asphalt rectangle had originally been used for a basketball court that is now abandoned and in disuse.

The project and final design of the Senago Skatepark.

We thought of a skatepark for everyone:
First we introduce the project by explaining its objectives:
The pictures on this page are the final design of the Skatepark (approx. 400sqm),
The Skatepark was specially designed not only for the use of traditional skateboards but also for:
1) Disabled.
2) Beginners.
3) Surf-Skaters.
4) Longboarders and Cruisers. 
The Skatepark area will be dedicated to all those who on wheels want to approach 'new surfaces'. In this sense, the Senago project was born from the outset as an extremely innovative endeavour, since it places the needs of the less fortunate and of all those who do not yet know how much fun it can be to traverse complex three-dimensional spaces with wheels under their feet. Other points that we have not overlooked are very simple curves to help those who are beginning to approach skateboarding from an early age, the Skatepark has been designed and will be built for everyone, we have designed preparatory structures for any type of skateboard. There will also be a giant wave in the centre, again made of concrete to use surfskates, the wave will be very large so as to accommodate fans of this 'new' discipline that is constantly evolving.

Where do we stand? 

The design of the Skatepark was created by the designer/skaters Daniele Lamanna, of the UAO company, in cooperation with me ( MaikP ). Once finished, the Skatepark will be managed by the sports club Skatezone ASD of Senago ( with registered office here in the Boardstyle shop ).

What can I say, after 1000 fusses, years of meetings, phone calls, whatsapp, e-mails, trips to the municipality, documents, etc... finally on 20 August 2022 we managed to file the plans and final drawings of the Park with the municipality. 

On 27 October 2022 the municipality gave the final contract to the company ICO constructions and in the first week of November ICO started building the skatepark. Now all that remains is to wait until the end of the construction work to be able to Skeitare it. In the meantime, enjoy the photos of the project with the final design.

p.s. This will be the official page of the Senago park, all work progress etc. will be photographed and described on this page, stay tuned!

The drawings and renderings you find hold both the 'beginner' part and the 'Surfskate' part together without any obvious breaks. 
The approximate calculations therefore concern two elements:
A) flat reinforced concrete surfaces B) complex reinforced concrete surfaces. 
A) The flat reinforced concrete surfaces cover an area of approximately 640 square metres or 76 cubic metres of concrete.
B) Reinforced concrete complex surfaces cover an area of approximately 535 square metres or 80 cubic metres (calculating an average casting thickness of 15cm).
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