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Neff was launched in 2002 by Shaun Neff in sunny Southern 
California. Growing up in Cali, surrounded by the skate, surf and 
snow culture, Shaun always had an aspiration to be a part of the 
business side of the industry. Originally starting out as a 
clothing company, Shaun made a couple shirts and hats and hustled 
his Neff product out of his car. Later that year, he moved to 
Utah to further his education and to spread the Neff vibe. He 
bought bargain beanies and headbands, tagged them with Neff, and 
gave them to the biggest, dopest pros in the snow industry. Shaun 
soon realized that in order to get snow and skate pros in on the 
Neff movement, his company would have to focus on headwear to 
avoid conflict with clothing sponsor contracts. NEFF HEADWEAR was 
born, being the first authentic core snow and skate headwear 
company in the game. That's the genius behind Neff, which spread 
globally under a unique niche of headwear.

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