Kit Snowboard Ski DEMON Season pass...
Kit Snowboard Ski DEMON Season pass...

Kit Snowboard Ski DEMON Season pass wax iron wax scraper

VAT included

In the package:
Hot wax iron works with 220V power outlet.
1 spatula wax remover with side notch clean foil cm 35.
500 grams of Demon wax blue color model DS7041 Ideal for temperatures from 0 ° C to -10 ° C.

  • Black


It is important to take care of the waxing iron. Just a like a car or a bicycle, the iron needs to be maintained. This will secure better per- formance and longer life. If you do not follow these guidelines, the guarantee is no longer valid: • Do not leave the iron at high temperatures when not in use. Adjust down to 120°C or turn it off. Particularly important after wax- ing at high temperatures. • Always clean the iron with fiberlene paper after use. If not, small wax particles will remain on the iron giving out fumes. Over time the wax particles will fasten to the iron and make it black. If the iron becomes black, polish the plate with orange fibertex.
Try to avoid getting wax between the metal plate and the plastic top.
When the iron is not in use keep it in upwards position: The upward position is important as it reduces the heating of the inside electronics.
Place the iron where it is safe for not falling to the ground; The new iron holder for T70- H2 is recommended.
If you have scratches in the base plate, use a fine sanding paper like grit 500.
Be careful with use of solvents as this can have impact on the inside components.
Hold the iron in the handle, never lift it by the cord.
Avoid unnecessary bending of the cable, as it over time can lead to breakage of the cable.

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